September, 2018: When people become chronically ill, changes in their working conditions can help them to continue working. Our paper investigating this by comparing self-employed and employed is featured in the WorkLife blog.

March, 2018: To what extent do our working conditions affect our decisions about whether or not to continue in a job despite having a chronic disease? Me and my colleagues just published our paper investigating if favourable work characteristics could help chronically ill to remain in work longer.

June, 2016: A lot of people are researching, consulting, and discussing burnout and stress at work. I think more coordination is needed in order to implement efficient prevention measures.
Personeel-Beleid writes about my research! E-mail me if you want to read it (in Dutch).

April 6, 2016: An interview about my most recent report Ontstaan en preventie van burnout is published in the Dutch daily newspaper ‘Volkskrant’. It covers my research about causes and prevention of burnout (in Dutch). See here.
You can find the complete report of my research on causes and prevention of burnout here.

I have also summarized the project in a short video:


January 9, 2016: I have been interviewed by ‘Het Parool’ about my study, career and research ambitions (in Dutch)



July 4, 2015: I won the ‘lecturer of the year’ award! I feel honored that ‘my’ students elected me lecturer of the year. Thank you all!


December 5, 2014: I defended and published my dissertation! The manuscript titled Should I stay or should I go? A workplace perspective on older persons’ labour market participation can be found here. In my dissertation, I studied older workers’ labour market participation and retirement decisions (in Europe) from an organizational perspective.